Frequently asked questions

What's so smart about TimerKid?

You can easily turn off certain screens and certain sites or apps. And it's super easy to get started using timerkid. So if you, for example. want to watch Netflix, but your children may not play, you can control it. Or if your kids are allowed to use school sites but not chat on Messenger. Additionally, you can get advice and guidance from one of Denmark's leading experts in children's use of screens, psychologist Ulla Dyrløv.

Doesn't Google and Apple allow the same controls?

No. You can't open some apps and sites and turn off the others, and you can't get advice and guidance. Google and Apple make products to manage devices in the home, but their products have many functions and are complex to use - we focus on one thing and that is to bring peace and balance in the family, by controlling the screens in a super easy way.

How many monitors can be connected to TimerKid?

You can connect as many screens as you like, but if you connect over 100 screens simultaneously on one TimerKid box, it can be perceived as slow and unstable.

Can you block games that work without Internet connection?

No, you can control virtually all games, social media and websites with TimerKid, but only if they are online (requires Internet to work). So games that can run offline cannot be blocked with TimerKid

Does TimerKid work with mobile data?

No, the first version cannot block mobile data (if you go to 4G with your tablet or phone). TimerKid only works with screens connected to Wifi. But before very long there will be a version that can also control screens with mobile data.

I have a big house. Will TimerKid cover the entire house?

The TimerKid box has a very good range, better than most wifi routers on the market, but if you have a big house, concrete walls, or many other networks, problems may arise. Then connect several TimerKid boxes, and extend the network as much as you like (it is also called a "mesh" network).

Does it require anything special to use TimerKid?

The idea behind TimerKid is that it's easy to use for everyone, including people with no sense of technology. When you buy TimerKid, you will receive a small box that you connect to your Internet (it is uncomplicated and we'll send you instructions). Then you download our app, where you can easily control how and when screens are used, and who can use them.

Who is behind TimerKid?

TimerKid was founded by two Danish entrepreneurs, Bjarke Calvin, Carl Christian Juel Nielsen and child psychologist Ulla Dyrløv. In addition we have a number of technicians who understand among others apps, routers and servers. We are an LLC housed in Denmark. Our mission is to create balance and intimacy in life by helping each other to use technology in a healthy way.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea behind TimerKid arose when Carl Christian at a parent in his children's school told how he had programmed his Internet router to close gaming at 6 o'clock at night. Many of the other parents asked if he could help them to do the same. Since then the idea has been developed together with Bjarke and Ulla

How do I get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you if you have criticism, praise, ideas, or will mention us. You can write to or on the phone +45 53565458

I want to return my TimerKid box. How do I do it?

If there is something that does not work, you can always contact us first at or +45 53565458 - Would you still like to return your box, it's easy. Just go here and follow the instructions: