Do you want a good story?

Danish parents who take the fight against the TechGigants. We think it is a good story :-) But we also want to talk about more than timerkid. We experts in children's use of screens, and passionate about the subject. Send us one email if you're interested.

facts about timerkid:

What is it now in doing?

We have a solution for parents who will have control of their children's use of screens (and their own), and do not want to foster engineering. timerkid Have a box that you connect to the Internet and an app where easy can turn off specific screens and specific sites or apps. So if you, for example. Would like to see Netflix, but your kids don't have to play, you can control it. Or if your children must use School Tube, Aula or Lectio but not chat at Messenger. In addition, you can get advice and guidance from one of Denmark's leading experts in children's use of screens, psychologist Ulla Veterinar.

Who is behind the company?

timerkid ApS is a Danish company founded and owned by the entrepreneurs Carl Christian Juel Nielsen, and Bjarke Calvin as well as psychologist Ulla Veterina. It is thus a 100% Danish owned company.

Have timerkid launched a product?

No not yet. We have a prototype of our product, but and are raising money and building the first version that we expect to launch in the first half of 2021.

How to earn in money?

We sell a basic version for a lump sum, and then you can upgrade to an advanced version by drawing a subscription.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea of timerkid Was born when Carl Christian at a parent meeting in his children's school told how he had programmed his internet router to close for games at 18. Many of the other parents asked if he could help them, do the same. Since then, the idea has been developed with Bjarke and Ulla.

Who are your competitors?

Our primary competitors are Google and Apple who have similar products. But we have launched timerkidBecause we think it can be done better. Apple is focused on their own ecosystem, not on, for example, gaming consoles and Windows PCs. Google lives to get us to use the Internet as much as possible, so their most important mission is not to limit our screen consumption, we are a Danish company with a single focus: creating balance in screen consumption. And we build on Nordic values ​​and Nordic pedagogy.


Meet our Founders:

Carl Christian Juel Nielsen, CEO

Carl Christian is an engineer and the brain behind timer skids delicious little box that controls all the screens. He found it because he would like to avoid having to help all the parents in the class in programming their internet routers to close for games. Previously, Carl operated several entrepreneurial companies, and work for Northern Lights in supporting the company's 250,000 broadband customers. Carl Christian is the father of Regitze at 9 who play Roblox, as well as Gustav at 18 and Johan at 16 There are wild with multiplayer shooter and League of Legends.



Bjarke Calvin, Co-Founder

Bjarke has a long career as a journalist and entrepreneur in the United States, and has, among other things, worked for Magnum Photos in New York, and been Fellow on my in Boston. He has started the online media duckling, which is an app for visual storytelling. Bjarke regularly holds lectures in places like MIT, Harvard, SXSW and TEDX. Some years ago he moved home to buying haven. Along with his wife Sangne, he has Louis at 7 who love Roblox or Minecraft, and Anna Klara at 5 who likes YouTube and car games.


Ulla Worrower, CO-FOUNDER

Ulla is children's young people and family psychologist and one of Denmark's leading experts in children's use of screens. She has released four books, and often act as experts in total from TV programs for conferences - for example the TV2 documentary "when the screen controls the family". Ulla is the mother of Abel in 22 years who like to play on his PlayStation, Isak of 26 years who still play FIFA and Sabine on 29 who never got the gameboy she wanted as a child. In turn, she has written specialty about computer games like an overlooked art form.